Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions: The key to your new life in France

At Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions, our team of experts can provide you with all the services you need under one roof to help open the door to your new lifestyle in SW France.

The Key Holders:

Yvonne Drolshagen

Of German nationality, Yvonne Drolshagen has lived and worked in France for over 30 years. The last two decades has been spent as an independent financial advisor, insurance broker and relocation specialist. She is totally trilingual in French, English and German.

Madeline Aveson

Having spent 24 years working at Disneyland Paris, Madeline Aveson is used to putting excellence at the heart of business. Completely bilingual she can help with questions concerning your day to day life in France and co-ordinate any project management needs.

Thomas Hettlage

From a background in banking and Law through to a career in central buying and brand management, Thomas Hettlage has been an art dealer, gallery owner, photographer and published Author. Originally from Germany, Switzerland and now south west France, he brings his vast business knowledge and passion for photography to our company.