The creation of Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions

June 23rd sees the official launch of Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions at the Chateau des Vigiers after several months of hard work and a lot of French administration.

Chance meetings and good fortune brought the five of us together and after discussions about our own backgrounds and experience and the many chats with people who had moved to France, the idea for the company came to fruition.

We had all heard over and over again from people from different nationalities and demographics about how complicated the systems were in France, about how they wished that there had been more support during the buying process, about how they often felt let down after buying their house and how they wished that they could have found someone who would explain, advise, translate and generally be there, not only during the sale but also to help with everything that comes along during and after.

Yvonne had already been set up as an Independent Financial Advisor in the area for more than 16 years and she had rapidly found that her customers needed help with so many other things when they moved to France that she soon became the go-to Relocation Specialist helping with anything and everything from health to insurance, to driving licenses and utilities, tax declarations… and the list goes on.

Neil had been running a property management company for the last 3 years and his client list was growing as his reputation for high standards and reliability became known.

These two established companies gave the base to create Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions and Dave, with his 30-year experience in real estate, added the piece that was missing.

I arrived in the region last year after spending 35 years in and around Paris and brought with me the skills that I had applied during my 24 years with Disneyland Paris, notably in in terms of business strategy, communication and HR.

Thomas, who had initially come to France to retire, decided that he was so enthusiastic about the company and the services provided that he would come back to work on a part-time basis and add his know-how to the mix.

The company exists because our clients have told us that these services are needed. There already are estate agents, financial advisors, people that help with papers and people that care for gîtes in the area but Aquitaine Lifestyle Solutions is the only company that will see you through the whole process and deliver so much more.

We are all very excited about the company launch and hope to chat with you soon.
Whether you need everything or just parts of the services we offer, please contact us for a free consultation.